Dual Plane technique: advantages and post-operative

Dual Plane technique: advantages and post-operative

What is the main difference between Dual Plane and other breast augmentation methods?

The Dual Plane technique differs from all the other techniques used for breast augmentation because it is a ” mixed technique “, which takes advantage of the greater benefits that can arise from the use of other methodsĀ medical tourism in thailand

The Dual Plane technique takes the advantages of the subglandular technique regarding the good expansion of the lower pole; at the same time it makes its own the advantage of the sub muscular technique which during breast augmentation better protects the breast prosthesis and hides its upper and inner edges. With the Dual Plane technique, greater coverage of the prosthesis is obtained, making it less visible from the outside.

What are the main advantages and what complications could occur after breast augmentation with the Dual Plane technique?

The greatest advantage that can be had with the use of the Dual Plane technique is that given by the combination of good coverage , and therefore less visibility of the prosthesis at the level of the upper pole, and better housing of the prosthesis which makes it look the same also less mobile than using the subglandular technique.

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With the Dual Plane method, which does not have a totally sub-pectoral implant, an excellent expansion of the lower bolus is obtained.

With regard to the possible complications related to breast augmentation with the Dual Plane method, situations similar to those occurring with the use of other techniques could occur. However, it is established that with the Dual Plane method there is a lower riskĀ  of capsular contracture than when the subglandular technique is used during breast augmentation.

How is recovery after Dual Plane breast augmentation managed?

The use of a bra is recommended immediately after breast augmentation surgery with the Dual Plane technique . It’s important not to make any effort, especially not to lift weights with your arms.

With the Dual Plane method there is a firmer positioning of the prosthesis in the immediate post-operative period thanks to the action of the muscle in the upper part and therefore the dislocation of the upper prosthesis tends to be avoided. Most of the time after breast augmentation with the Dual Plane technique the use of the elastic band in the upper part of the breast to push the prostheses downwards is avoided.